Behind the Art | Siyabonga Gumede

Did you always dream of being an artist?

Ever since I was a kid it has been my dream that one day I will travel the world through art. I always loved drawing and making craft. I remember when I was in Grade Three I broke my right arm playing on the tree. I felt so depressed because I couldn't draw for a week, that's when I discovered that I had this talent. I was inspired by my father who used to draw landscapes using coloured pencils. So, drawing has been part of my life for the longest time.

I started selling art when I was doing Grade Six at school. I started the business by drawing the famous Ninja Turtles while watching them on TV and selling the drawings at school.

What been your biggest achievement?

I never went to a school of art or any university, yet I am able to sustain and provide for my family by doing what I'm passionate about - creating art.

Are you inspired by any other artists?

Of course. I really admire Elga Ragbi from Durban and Wakaba Mutheki from Cape Town.

Where can people view and buy your work?

People can view and buy my work at the African Art Gallery in Durban and Art Afrique in Johannesburg and on social media:

Facebook account: Siyabonga Gumede

Twitter: Khush_the_artist

Instagram: Khush_the_artist

They can also contact me directly: 078 351 4504 |

What must one do to get a portrait done by you?

They just need to take a photo of themselves and send it to me via WhatsApp, email or any social media then we can discuss price, size, medium and payment.