Celebrate Africa With Our Ndebele-Esque Collection

In recent times, we've seen African textiles soar in popularity, especially in fashion. You see it with ladies feeling comfortable and confident to adorn bold African print outfits and accessories on an ordinary day; not only when attending traditional events like uMembeso. You also see gentlemen dripping swagoo in their Maxhosa knitwear, by Laduma Ngxokolo. There's a clear and resounding appreciation and celebration of African textiles in the fashion industry; how about bringing this into your home with our Ndebele-Esque collection?


Inspired by the characteristic symmetry, proportion and straight edges of Ndebele decorative patterns, we've designed Ndebele-esque patterns to bring an iconic South African vibe into your home in the form of bold clocks and wall art. Now you can celebrate Africa in your home by introducing bold and beautiful prints into your decor. Shop the collection.