Shopping on the Streets | Mama Mzimela

We are proud to say that Home Artist was born and is being largely bread in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), the home of the the largest ethnic group in South Africa! And, because that's where our roots are grounded, we want to contribute, in even the smallest way, to the development of our province and people. One of the ways we're doing this is celebrating, and driving awareness of, creative artisans from KZN. This is why we've started the blog series "Shopping on the Streets" where we'll be showcasing items made by the mamas, babas, sisis and bhutis from KZN.

A couple of days ago we spoke to Mama Mzimela, an entrepreneur artisan who is very passionate about her business and handiwork. Mama Mzimela works as a street vendor in Durban South Beach opposite the Garden Court and not very far from Tropicana Hotel. She started working as a street vendor in 2006, and her main focuses are beads, wooden masks, drums, wooden jewellery boxes and wooden giraffes. Some of the giraffes she makes are even taller than the average person, but these are only available on order. Her range of products also includes traditional Zulu hats, and traditional Zulu wear which are very high in demand. These include isocholo (female hat), umunqele (male hat), ishoba, ihawu(shield) and traditional neck pieces which she caters for all age groups. She has an amazing work ethic, working from 07:30 until 23:00, especially to fulfill large orders which sustain her business. These are often placed by tourists and foreign companies. Mama Mzimela loves people and displays a genuine interest and enthusiasm to all of her customers.

If you're looking for traditional African home decor, be sure to visit her in South Beach, Durban.