Behind the Art | Mthulisi "West" Ncube

One day Mthulisi Ncube AKA "West", was scrolling through Instagram and came across our Home Artist account and was intrigued that we have a particular interest in art and working with artists. Little did he know that he attends the same church as the owners of the business, and would bump into one of them and strike up a conversation which would culminate into this article and collaboration opportunities. We don't think his journey to this point has been pure coincide!

West is an all-round artist, working with oil and acrylic paints, and ceramic art. His passion for art started at a young age when he used to draw in his spare time and discovered that he had a passion for art. His friend saw his work and encouraged him to take it up as a career, his parents also supported him, so he pursued Fine Arts in college. After qualifying, he worked on a few projects on his own then later joined Ardmore Art, a ceramic art company that produced impressive work, and had a great work culture. His ultimate dream is to build his own art company.

You're welcome to get in touch with West to view his work or commission him to create something unique for you on +27 72 668 72 85.